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  1. Union County First
    December 18, 2017 @ 9:03 pm

    From: Jeff (Comment originally posted here: http://bit.ly/2ATvKhz)

    Larry, in the past year or so there have been a number of ‘modifications’ under consideration for that intersection by the Ohio and Union County Departments of Transportation. A nearby municipality proposed a ’roundabout’ solution, but thankfully, this proposal was roundly deemed ‘unsuitable’!

    As it now stands, there is a proposal to add an additional lane to the exit from 33 to 42 that would aid northbound traffic on 42 and a traffic signal to allow ‘left turning traffic’ to enter 42 southbound.

    At 42 & Industrial, the intersection will gain ‘turn-lanes’ and additional ‘traffic signals’ that will communicate with the new signal just North of the overpass to aid in traffic flow.
    As a possible help to get this improvement moving is a ‘reported’ $750,000 infrastructure contribution from the FedEx folks should their project be approved.

    As for a ‘start date’…..hopefully later 2018!? I will get with a source for updated info.


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