Referendum Petition Rejected, Glacier Pointe Development Will Proceed

On March 6, 2018, the Union County Board of Elections heard testimony concerning the Glacier Pointe residential housing development on Mitchell-Dewitt and McKitrick roads. Currently, the land is vacant.  A group of citizens circulated a referendum petition and gathered signatures against the proposed development.  Their main concern was traffic. The referendum petition was an attempt to place the issue on the November ballot for a township vote.

Testimony before the 4-member Board lasted about two hours, wherein the Board reached its decision and denied the legitimacy of the petition.  Several factors were considered including citizens signing the petition without being witnessed by the circulator, citizens signing more than once, and legal questions about the completeness of the petition.

The  248+ acre site, now owned by the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, will contain single family homes and patio homes geared to 55+ and empty-nesters. New construction will comprise 430 units, with over 104 acres of green space devoted to the preservation of existing woods and wetlands.  Also, of benefit to the citizens of Jerome Township and Union County will be paved bike and walking paths connecting neighboring communities to the Glacier Ridge Metro Park Complex.

The Jerome Township Zoning Board and Trustees determined the Glacier Pointe development fits well into the comprehensive plan and would be a nice addition to the area. The exceptionally large area of green space and associated trails will be favorable assets. The tax base will be increased and revenue coming into the county will increase, too.